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Maggie Landes


Maggie began her career in the office furniture industry directly out of college in 1995 as an order administrator for the New Business Development sales team at a Steelcase dealer in Orange County, CA.  In that role, she quickly understood how important clear and accurate communication was to the success of any project and built her reputation in the industry based on this principle.  Specifically, she gained the skill sets needed to understand the intricacies of the manufacturing order process, project scheduling and formatting customer proposals from a new business perspective.  After only six months as an order administrator, and as a result of a customer's explicit request, she was promoted to Account Manager and was responsible for a $1M net project from quote, to order processing, to implementation for Pacific Bell Video Services, a division of SBC.  

Based on this experience, Maggie's specialty developed into corporate account management with high profile accounts such as Yum! Brands (parent company to Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC), Callaway Golf, and Biogen Idec.  Overseeing a team of twelve, Maggie was responsible for project managing Steelcase's first installation of Pathways product on the West Coast in 1999-2000 at Callaway Golf's Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.  This project was considered one of Steelcase's flagship installations and was featured in their 2000 Annual Report.  

During Maggie's tenure as Yum! Brands account manager, Yum! commissioned Maggie to revamp a failing project process for the consolidation, expansion and/or opening of Yum's smaller Field Offices.  Yum! wanted to provide the same quality of experience to these sixty-five locations that their corporate campus end users enjoyed.  By clearly defining roles, responsibilities and forums for clear communication, Maggie established a protocol for Yum!'s Corporate Services department and their contractors that enabled the team to deliver a consistent, exceptional encounter with these end users that previously had not been experienced.  This process not only garnered a 95% customer satisfaction rating from the customer but saved Yum! Brands thousands of dollars by avoiding costly construction change orders, specification errors and precious time away from the office.  

Maggie graduated from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL in 1995 with a double major in Business and English. 


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