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who is office.eleven?

“Everyone wants a ’10’ customer experience, and we wanted to be one better.” 


With over 50 years combined experience in the contract furniture industry, we knew there was room for a new company.  A better company.  A company with heart.


With experience in manufacturing, dealer new business development, corporate account management, project management, account coordination, sales management and general management, we felt we were well suited to open a dealership and do it “our way”.


We noticed while working at other Major Line dealerships through the years that they were faced with massive overhead and only focused on their major accounts, needing their every dollar to keep the machine fed.  Fortune 1000 companies were generally serviced well, but smaller, 5-300 employee organizations, often fell between the cracks from a service perspective.  Those smaller customers could buy from a “Mom and Pop” retail shop, but those businesses lacked the professionalism, knowledge and consultative skills necessary to properly service these clients.  Essentially, small and medium sized customers had nowhere to go to get the attention, service and knowledge they needed to make smart furniture decisions.  They were either a “number” at a large dealership with knowledge and service, or they were a “big fish” at a retail store with a transactional mentality.  


Hence the birth of office.eleven- a unique dealership, bringing contract furniture experience to 5-300 employee companies.   A place where small and medium sized organizations can get an exceptional customer experience, with professionalism, long term service and vast knowledge- all at a price point that makes sense.


We don’t pursue every customer.  We select the right clients with whom we can add real value and make a difference.  We want to focus on the relationship.   Our unique business model enables us to buy at the same discounts as large dealerships, yet keeps our overhead extremely low.  This allows us to spend time, pay attention to details, and focus on the value we can add, versus chasing every dollar.  Being excellent feels a lot better than cutting corners, and adding value feels a lot better than focusing so heavily on profit.  Our focus is on the individual human beings we work with, the goals they are striving for, and helping them accomplish their dreams.  


In helping our customers realize their dreams, we’ve been blessed to find we are realizing ours.  

Our Team

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Larry Landes
Maggie Landes
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